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Personal Health Counseling in Charleston, SC

Are you ready to be healthy and happy but don’t know where to begin? Healing at Sweetgrass can help. We provide personal counseling to residents in Charleston, Summerville and the nearby communities in South Carolina who desire a more comprehensive approach to optimal health.

What is Personal Counseling?

Personal counseling is part of a comprehensive approach to healing and wellness. Through personal counseling, you will build a mutual relationship with us, which will establish a dialogue to help you gain a deeper understanding of the treatment methods available to you. Personal counseling doesn’t just scratch the surface to treat a symptom; it goes deep to determine the cause and then finds a proper solution.

Benefits of Personal Counseling

At Healing at Sweetgrass, we want to help you understand the process we are taking to help you reach your wellness goals. Personal counseling is customized and specific to you and your needs.

What All is Involved with Personal Counseling?

Personal counseling gives you a one-on-one setting where you can speak openly about your concerns. You will work with one of our trained specialists to customize a plan of treatment to achieve healing. This may include utilizing cognitive behavioral approaches to treat a number of conditions, including depression, anxiety, OCD, or PTSD. We use cognitive processing to help you discover what is causing the underlying condition. With personal counseling your treatment doesn’t end after you receive a ketamine infusion. We continue to build a relationship with you to discuss and work on your healing journey. Our comprehensive approach includes pre and post-operative brief counseling and post ketamine infusion treatment so you know you aren’t alone.

How Much Does Personal Counseling Cost?

Costs vary based on the type and amount of treatment necessary. To make personal counseling more affordable, we offer financing through CareCredit® and Parasail.

*Please note that consultations are not complimentary. Please call for additional details.

If you are struggling on your healing journey, know that you are not alone. At Healing at Sweetgrass, we offer personal counseling so you always have someone who cares about you right by your side. If you live in Charleston, Summerville or one of the neighboring communities in South Carolina and would like to learn more about our personal counseling services, contact us today.