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Cleansing in Charleston, SC

If you suffer from frequent headaches, nausea or fatigue you may have an abundance of toxicants wreaking havoc on your body and overall health. Healing at Sweetgrass offers cleansing services to the residents in Charleston, Summerville and the neighboring South Carolina communities.

Do I have Environmental Toxins in My Body?

Do you breathe air? Do you drink water? Do you eat food? If you answered yes to any of the above questions you are being exposed to environmental toxins. Every day each and every one of us suffer from environmental exposure, but how these toxins affect each of us differs from person to person.

About The “Rain Barrel Effect”

There is a common reference called the “rain barrel effect” that states we are an empty rain barrel when we are born and we are waiting to receive environmental toxins. It could be a small or large barrel and it depends on how quickly it gets filled. edit this If you live in a desert, your bucket will not be filled very quickly; if you live in a rainforest your bucket will fill very quickly (best-case scenario). However, most of us fall somewhere in between. When our rain barrel fills up we have a “total burden body of toxins” that hinders function and can show up as multiple different illnesses, chemical sensitivities and autoimmune diseases.

How Is Cleansing Performed at Healing at Sweetgrass?

Dr. Bauerschmidt takes into account your individual genetic makeup and how your body is able to process the abundance of toxins before beginning an advanced depuration. He will start by obtaining a detailed history of your health and performing a physical. The advanced depuration protocol focuses on moving toxicants from inside your cells to outside your cells, where they can be picked up by your blood and lymphatic system, and eventually excreted by your body via sweat and urine. Some methods we use to cleanse your body include:

Benefits of Advanced Depuration

Advanced depuration helps rid your body of harmful toxins that could be causing chronic conditions. Juice cleanses and supplements only provide temporary improvement because the toxicants are stored and held tightly in your tissues (body fat, bone, kidneys and brain). Cleansing at Healing at Sweetgrass dislodges these deep-seated toxicants allowing your body’s natural cleansing systems to catch up and take over.

How Much Does Cleansing Cost?

Costs vary based on the type and amount of treatment necessary. To make your cleansing treatments more affordable, we offer financing through Parasail.

*Please note that consultations are not complimentary. Please call for additional details.

If you feel like your “rain barrel” is at full capacity and causing you to suffer from chemical sensitivity or another chronic condition, contact us today. Healing at Sweetgrass provides cleansing for residents in Charleston, Summerville and the neighboring South Carolina communities.